Columbus district OKs Sale for the school closed

Columbus district OKs sale for the school closed in the real estate business, the end of the quarter plan to sell the Northwest Career Center, which has been available since 2010. Early last year, the district’s 5,200 million for the building, but last night he agreed to sell $ 2.6 … I Learn more at
Metro Detroit home sales median prices 41% in November over a year For Sale Metro Detroit average home prices continued to improve in November, more than 41 percent in November from a year ago, while total sales fell by nearly 8 percent. According to data released on Tuesday Farmington Hills-based I … More about the

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the Justice Department sale KMOV But the Justice Department said in a court filed a civil antitrust lawsuit on Monday that it would hurt competition in joint sales contracts. He said the sale KMOV Sander Gannett media gives too much power in the market for local local advertising I … More about the